Monday, August 13, 2012


I could hardly believe it when I looked over at the television last Thursday and saw burgundy and gold flashing on the screen. Could it really be? Are those ... the Redskins? Is this ... live football? Of course they were and of course it was. Excuse the pun, but I was just a little late to the game this year. So as a reminder that it is, in fact, mid-August and chili season will soon be fully upon us, I picked up some red-and-yellow (burgundy and gold?) calla lilies. Sure, they're a touch more delicate than our helmet-headed hogs, but I'll take any excuse to have fresh flowers in the house. So there. Hopefully they'll last me until Saturday, when RG3 and the rest of the boys of fall kickoff their second pre-season game. Hail to the Skins and hail to the season!