Tuesday, August 28, 2012

hair ties

Here's a post about something simple: hair ties. The ones you pick up at the drug store can be about as ugly on your wrist as they are boring in your hair. But then I scored these pretty bands near the cashier at Anthropologie. They come in everything from leopard print to sparkle and neon to tie-dye, and I find they can add a fun swing to your pony or even a touch of glam to that messy bun. I like the way they look on your wrist while you're hair is down, too. So now when I'm not doing some elaborate updo (which is, like, never), I reach for one of these.
These fancy elastics have been around for a while, I'm told. The best thing about being a little late to the party? Now you can find them lots of places on the cheap. Oh, and they come in headbands now, too. Fun!