Thursday, August 2, 2012



For the last few Tuesdays, Jon and I have been attending a Lamaze class. (I know.) While I really do need to write at length about that class--there are too many colorful characters involved not to--I don't want to distract from the amazing pre-class ritual we have been practicing: pizza at Pupatella.

Pupatella opened two years ago as the brick-and-mortar big brother of Ballston's beloved pizza cart. Don't let the fun fedoras fool you: Owners Anastasiya Laufenberg and Enzo Algarme take their Neapolitan-style pies rather seriously, importing a wood-fired brick oven to Arlington direct from Naples to ensure absolute authenticity. The tile wood-fired oven blazes pies at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit for exactly one minute, which makes the simple dough of stone-ground flour, yeast, olive oil, and salt come out fully cooked, soft but not soggy, and with a crust lightly spotted with char.

Two weeks ago, the storefront took over the next-door space left by Union Hala Butcher & Grocery, nearly doubling their footprint in the small strip of shops along Wilson Boulevard. Enjoy just one slice of the "Real Margherita" pie or, my favorite, the prosciutto arugula (pictured below) and you'll see why it's no surprise Pupatella's pizzas have such a steady demand. Don't miss their Arancini either, as the fried risotto balls are packed to the brim with fresh mozzarella, peas, and sausage or eggplant.

Once our Lamaze classes wrap up at the end of the month, I won't be surprised if Jon and I find other excuses to make our way back for Pupatella's pies. Or, good news: Pupatella offers take-out--something we may be taking advantage of quite a bit come October, if you catch my drift ;)