Friday, April 26, 2013

beach dogs.

Last weekend our family escaped to Bethany Beach, Del. We made the trip as guests of good friends of ours--Brad and Maggie. They have a pup about the same age as Bogie; she's a black Lab named Wheezy, short for Eloise (precious, no??). We all thought it would be fun to let the dogs have the run of the beach before high season kicks in and pooches are no longer welcome.
There were clear skies for our visit. Cecile loved watching the puppies run the length of the beach. (At six months, she can perceive longer distances, I'm told!) We had her crazy-bundled, as it was rather windy by the shore. I feel like I always overdress her, though I suppose it's better to be too warm than too cold, no?

The beach was virtually empty and the dogs went bonkers with all the space open and available for them to run. Being an Arlington pup, Bogie had never seen a "field" so large, I don't believe.
^^Check out Wheezy's focus on the ball :)^^
Brad swears by the Chuckit! ball brand for his doggie. Their rubber toys don't get too slobbery, he says, because many of them are made with neither felt nor fabric, and they're virtually indestructible. (Trust me: Brad has the most discernible tastes, so if you're in the market for some dog toys, you can absolutely count on his recommendation.) We used the ball launcher and the duo tug.
^^This snap cracks me up. Want a picture of your pooch? Hold the ball randsom.^^
 ^^Our family photo ... yay!^^

Thanks again for such an awesome time at the beach, Brad, Maggie, and Ms. Wheez! It was a blast, and we're so lucky to have been asked :) :) xx.