Thursday, May 2, 2013

play ball.

Last Saturday our family clicked through the turnstiles at Nationals Park for Cecile's first baseball game. Beneath bright sunshine, the Washington Nats faced off against the Cincinnati Reds. It was a day of home runs, pretzels, and Presidents. 
Immediately upon entering the park, our first President greeted our first born. I think C and George really made a connection, no? We wished GW well and ducked into the Red Porch, where they pour some pretty decent craft brews. Then we hit the shop to purchase some proper fan headgear for Cecile before heading to our seats, which were right by the Nats' dugout--excellent.
Jon was so pumped to have his daughter on his knee at the game. As for Cecile, there was so much to witness--the players on the field, fans in their seats, vendors shouting from the aisles. Such excitement!
Suddenly, she spotted familiar faces ... Who's that, Cecile? Your friend Jack and his parents!
Our gear for the game:
1. A well-worn mitt to protect your baby from fly balls.
2. A pretzel for your baby to nosh on. (No added salt, thanks!)
3. Cool kicks! (Jack is always precious and Polo fresh.)
Jack was more into his daddy's mit than smiling for the camera ... already showing such dedication to the sport. Watch out, Werth.
Sometime around the fourth inning, Cecile got a case of droopy eyes. She started to squirm, so I walked her up the stairs and into the shade. I slipped into the standing-room-only section, where C eventually fell into a snooze on my hip. I was in heaven. 
By the seventh-inning stretch, it was time to head home. Our children had had enough time in the sun (and were telling us as much), Bryce Harper had hit one out of the park, and the Nats had secured a safe lead over the Reds. It was the perfect time to go. 
Fun times, Jess, Tim, and Jack! Thanks so much for joining us :) :) xx