Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a new old house.

Apologies, readers. It's been some time since my last post. The thing is, Jon's been traveling a lot for work and then last week we took a vacation with my family. But the real reason I've been away from my computer (other than Cecile, obvi) is that we're getting new digs ... sort of. 

Remember when the house across the street from ours was demolished? Well, it got Jon and I thinking about how or if we'd want to change our house to accommodate a larger family. No, I'm not pregnant. But some day I hopefully will be again and then our one-story, two-bedroom brick rambler will no longer make do. But we love our neighborhood and really don't want to move. That leaves us with one choice: expand. 
So in April we hired an architect. And ever since we've been having him sketch plan after plan after plan. (The man is patient, let me tell you.) And then last month we finally saw our dream house on paper. It was glorious. Call me crazy, but I even cut out to-scale furniture and moved in and it was the best game of "house" I've ever played. (Hey, no judgement! I already told you Jon was traveling a lot for work. What else was I to do after Cecile went to sleep?)

But then we found out we could not afford that beautiful house in the drawings (oops) and went back to the drawing board. (Have I mentioned our architect is patient? Just double checking.) Long story short, we're busting up then busting out. It will be a two-phase major project, likely spread over the course of several years. If all goes according to plan, we'll be breaking ground before the end of this year. I'm beyond excited and have been holding off sharing this news until our plans became more final. 
I promise to keep you in the loop as things progress. Stay tuned and cross your fingers for us!