Monday, August 12, 2013

lake placid, ny. part 2.

Every year, when my family hits up Lake Placid, N.Y., there is a day or two when we all crowd into the Olympic Center, site of the 1932 and 1980 Olympic games. The rink inside is famous for the "Miracle on Ice," when the United States hockey team beat out the beastly Soviet Union team before going on to win gold in 1980. 
^^Cecile trying out some goaltending ;) ... just like like her Uncle PJ!^^

But our family is not there to see any such hockey players. Oh no. The skaters on the ice during our yearly visits have more toe picks and sequins than pads and pucks. (Ha: "Toe pick!") That's because Lake Placid hosts the Ice Dance Championships, and my sister, Lorraine, and her ice dance partner, Quinn Carpenter, always compete. It's very exciting to see their new costumes and choreography, and witness just how much discipline the couple must practice to be competing on this very elite level. 
The competition at Lake Placid is one of the first of the season. Since Lorraine and Quinn began competing internationally last year (my sister is such a rock star, right?!), this competition has become one where the couple tries to iron out all the kinks before heading overseas. (Their first international stop this year: Latvia.) For our family, however, it's one of the few times we can see Lorraine and Quinn compete before the end of the year. 
^^How about those moves??^^

As you would expect with any baby--especially a baby that is working on the art of crawling and cruising--Cecile didn't have much patience for sitting in her seat and watching her Aunt LoLo. (Next year, hopefully??) She was, however, very interested in exploring the bobsled with Uncle PJ. Oh dear: I'm not sure I'm cut out for being a bobsledder's mother any more than I am a skater's mother. Time, of course, will tell what our baby girl decides to pursue ;) 
^^Silly, silly C.^^