Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a few more photos from our time at the little cottage ...

I'm not ready to let this trip go. It was just so lovely to be in a good place with great friends. So here are some more moments from our trip to The Little Cottage ...
^^A legitimate question!^^
^^Isn't it hysterical the way little kids are so enamored with older kids? Cecile and Declan were so placid watching Ainslie and Oliver romp around on the surf. It was great.^^
When her pal Oliver wasn't around for playtime, Ainslie took a real interest in Cecile. And Cecile just loved the attention, even if that attention came with some questionable headwear ;)
 ^^Such concentration, Miss C.^^

A short walk in the opposite direction from the cottage brought us to White Lake, where there is a small beach with a little less of a breeze than on Lake Michigan. It was the perfect change of scenery for the kids and did a fine job of wearing everybody out before dinner and bedtime. 
^^Be still, my heart.^^
We were so happy to visit this happy little place, and I can only hope that this trip becomes a yearly event (hint, hint!). Thanks for sharing your cottage with us, Alice ... xx