Thursday, February 13, 2014

why, hello there.

Y'all still with me out there?? Phew! Apologies for the nearly two-month absence. Truth is, building a house takes up a lot of time. I've discovered it's all fun and games when you're tootling around with an architect. Then you move out of your house, excited to start your long-anticipated project when--wham! bam!--your contractor comes in and pours a stiff dose of reality. You can't do this; this doesn't make sense; that's too expensive; there's a six-week lead-time on that so make your selection this afternoon. Ack! And, holy Moses, Mother Nature sure hasn't helped things either. Once upon a time I used to complain the D.C. Metro region didn't get nearly enough cold or snow. Well, joke's on me. 
All things being equal, the project is moving along well. We have a great relationship with our contractor and our neighbors don't seem to be too upset over the mess. (Full disclosure: There are two other construction projects on our street right now ... welcome to Arlington! So if our neighbors are upset, at least we're not shouldering all of the blame.) Cecile has adapted to our rental space swimmingly, and Bogie is doing her best learning how to be a city dog (poo on the sidewalk? wha??). There are times it feels as though we will never be home, and then there are other times I wouldn't trade this crazy adventure for anything. Memories are made of outliers, my father-in-law said to me on one of our grayer days. More and more I'm learning those words of his hold both truth and a little bit of poetry. 
As for the house, it is really starting to take shape: Trees have come down, the second floor is up, the windows are in, and our shingles should be on the roof by the end of the holiday weekend. It's all very exciting and I would be lying if I told you I'm not tempted to drive by the site seventeen times a day. Next time I post, I promise pictures of our progress ... and I'm hoping that post will come before another two months, yeesh! Little did you know, dear readers, I was going to ask for as much patience from you as is asked of me over this renovation ;) ;) Muahaha. In the meantime, a very happy Valentine's Day to all of you. xx!