Monday, August 18, 2014

a little lingerie shower.

The other weekend my sister, Lorraine, and I threw a little lingerie shower for our future sister-in-law, Laura. A lingerie shower? For your sister-in-law?? Whaaaat? Well, here was our thinking: As sisters of four brothers, we've both faced our fair share of teasing over the years. So if you're gonna make it in our family, you've got to endure just a little bit of hazing. Of course, we've both known Laura for the better part of a decade, so it was no surprise to us that our bride handled everything with extraordinary grace. 
We hosted the party on the terrace at Washington Golf Country Club, and lucked out with practically perfect weather. I picked up the blue and pink centerpieces from Company Flowers and, wow, were they spectacular. Such a reliable resource. 
^^The bride and her mother, and myself, Lorraine, and our mom.^^
As part of our favors, we ordered custom Champagne flutes by Etsy's Sweet Southern Company. They were adorable--especially the one featuring a special white bustier for the bride. Everybody's name could be found at the glass's base, so as guests streamed in they'd pick up their personalized flute, fill it with bubbly, and enjoy the party. An added bonus: Laura plans to reuse the glasses in her bridal suite on her wedding day, which is such a great idea.
^^Laura and her maid of honor :)^^
^^Yes, even the grandmothers were present!^^

As you can imagine, there was lots of blushing and giggling while presents were opened. What I love about hosting a lingerie party is that it's really up to the bride's friends to set how risqué things get. 
^^Mrs. McNamara!^^

I'm usually opposed to shower games, but Lorraine came across one that was too good to pass up: a toilet paper lingerie competition. This was so much fun, especially following a glass or two of Prosecco. We played by dividing our crowd into four teams of three, and handed each team one roll of toilet paper and a single four-inch piece of tape. Lorraine worked the timer, allowing each team one minute of brainstorming and then an additional five minutes for the lingerie assembly. Hilarity ensued. When Lorraine called time, was then up to Laura to judge what she'd most like to wear over the honeymoon. For prizes, we awarded some Hanky Panky under-roos
^^Laura, wearing a lovely toilet paper veil. Lovely ;) ;)^^
The party ended with cake and favors, as all parties should. Fluffly Thoughts Bakery designed this gorgeous little number, and Bella Sucre handled the bra and panty cookie favors.
Thank you everybody for coming, and for all being such great sports--especially you, Laura! Welcome to our crazy, crazy family. We can't wait for the REAL party in just one month! xx, xx!


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