Friday, November 7, 2014


We went back to Ticonderoga Farms for our pumpkins this year. Again, we lucked out with some pretty terrific fall weather. This season is just full of the good stuff. It has always, always been my favorite. Sure, we have to put up with all the ridiculousness of daylight savings and layers of layers of clothing. But I swear, there's something about crisp, autumnal air that is so invigorating. It's the best.
This year we went it alone at the farm. Cecile dozed off in the car (the traffic going to Cox Farms gets us every time!) so she was a little slow (read: grumpy) at the start of our time at the farm. Maybe she doesn't find the fall air quite as enlivening as her mother? ;) In any case, we explored Ticonderoga a bit more this year and there is just so much more to the place than I took in last year. Yes, the pavilions, picnics, and slides are still there. (As is the cider and, ahem, kettle corn.) But there are also swings and giant moon bounces, hay rides, mazes and castles! It's amazing what you notice when you have a super mobile toddler on your hands verses a new walker. There is more need to navigate, to keep moving and discover. And luckily Ticonderoga gives you a lot of space to explore. 
This year Cecile was able to truly pick out her own pumpkin. And she was rather particular about it, too. We almost missed the hayride back because she was pointing us "This way!" and "No, that way!" Finally she settled on a nice, round pumpkin with a long stalk. She insisted on carrying it on her own and knit her brow at any who looked at all capable of taking her prize. She's a chick who knows what she wants, that one. 
Fast forward later in the week when it came time to carve up our pumpkins. Turns out I didn't quite inspect C's pumpkin as thoroughly as I should have (how could I?! she wouldn't let it go!), because the thing had a pretty crazy rotten spot quite low at it's base. The solution? A Pinterest picture I remembered where a jack-o-lantern was, errrr, spitting up dip onto a veggie platter. As it just so happened, I was responsible for our neighborhood block party's veggie tray. Yeah, yeah: It was seriously slim pickings on the sign-up sheet by time I got to it ... Anyway, I think it turned out pretty awesome, right?? 
For her costume, Cecile was Raggedy Ann. Why Raggedy Ann? See, thirty years ago, I was Raggedy Ann. Yeah, my mom saves everythinggggg. She also made everything for us ... for all SIX of us. I remember her asking us in late spring every year what we wanted to be for Halloween, then all summer she'd spend her "spare time" in the basement at her sewing machine. And these weren't like tack-some-felt-ears-on-a-sweatshirt kinds of costumes. They were beautiful and elaborate and original. How could I not recycle a few of them?? And so I did. Of course, the costume was a total hit with the adults at the block party, but not one child had ever heard of Raggedy Ann. I told them to Google it.
 ^^Our spooky house :)^^
^^Raggedy Ann likes pizza.^^
For her first year trick-or-treating, Jon took C to two houses on our street. Once back home, she loved the parade of kids coming to our door. By the end of the night, she was--and I'm not exaggerating--opening the door on her own, handing out two treats to each treater, waving them goodbye, and then closing the door behind them. Then she'd pick up a treat with each hand and exclaim "am ready!" for the next group. It was adorable. 
I hope all of you had a happy, happy Halloween, too :) xx.

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