Thursday, November 13, 2014

snot sucker.

Just a weird, quickie post to say: "The Snotsucker" is amazing. Have you heard of this thing?? Perhaps I'm the last one to the party, but I hadn't. Curiosity got the better of me at Whole Foods about a month ago and I picked one up off the top shelf near the baby/kids stuff. Then Cecile woke up with a drippy nose the other day and--whoa!--I am totally ditching that bulb-squeegee thingy. Sure, the contraption is strange (their website even admits it) and seems a little gross, but it's not. It's totally hygienic and really works. And I like that you can actually see what is coming out of my girl's nasal cavity. (Yum.) What's more, Cecile thought what I was doing was hysterical. She didn't squirm or look away or try get the process over with at all. If you don't have one yet, totally, totally snag one for this year's cold and flu season. 

So there. You're welcome.

And, yes, recommending snot suckers is really part of my life now.

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