Thursday, February 18, 2016


This past weekend we escaped to Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland with friends. We had so much fun, but brrrrrrr, it was cold (Saturday's HIGH was three degrees). On Sunday, Cecile had her first ski lesson. I took care of Genevieve while Jon suited up and took a few runs down the mountain. To say I was envious would be an understatement, but the silver lining was that I was able to sneak a peek of Cecile in action at ski school. She may not have been the most natural or athletic tot to take to the slope, but she was one enthusiastic student. And she loved it! At one point when the rest of her class was taking off their skis to go back inside for cocoa, she independently nordic skied her way back to the base of the magic carpet, in search of another run. One of the instructors nabbed and redirected her back to the pack just before she could hop on and head back up the hill, but it was the very best indication she had a successful introduction to the sport. I was so proud.

And Genevieve was quite the snow bunny. While I snapped pictures of Cecile and her friends at ski school, Genevieve--the most bundled baby out there, as we doubled-up her snow suits--snoozed in the Ergo against my chest. I walked around what felt like the entire base of the mountain, inside and outside huts and lodges, and neither the bitter cold nor the din of the cafeterias or common areas woke her. In this way she is so much more malleable than her older sister, likely because she's had to be. (How I hope this is a foreshadowing of easier bedtimes than what we're currently dealing with with Cecile.) Genevieve is so curious and social and generally content, and I just love this phase. It's a real sweet spot, though ephemeral. I can just tell that as soon as this one starts marching, she's not going to stop. 

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