Saturday, March 12, 2016


You know when the universe conspires to have you hear a message? This first week of March we had not one, not two, but a full five days of May-like weather. It was wonderful, and such a reminder that the world is bigger than what's within the four walls of home. I needed to feel that, to feel not only warmth on my cheeks but also to relearn how to lie in the grass and ignore the dishes. 

Sunshine is sticking around a little longer, allowing us to slip outside after nap or quiet time or whatever it is we're doing these days. Together we inspect the perimeter of our little lawn. "Wake up!" Cecile chirps at the bundles of new stalks. Old enough to remember planting many of the bulbs with my father in November, she is spellbound. It's not just the crocuses reaching up and out of the earth. Our daffodils and tulips are well on their way, and even the yellow buds of forsythia are starting to emerge. I am hesitant to say it, but I think our last frost may be behind us. Soon we will be planting our summer bulbs. That is, if I can leave Genevieve for a minute. Sticks feel good on her budding teeth, you see. 

Come what may, it's safe to say our arms are open wide, our heads thrown back. Welcome, spring. Welcome. 

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