Thursday, April 14, 2016


Thoughts from this week in no particular order that, if I don't write down, I'd surely forget: 

Cecile loves Mary Poppins; we have at least one conversation about her or Jane and Michael every day. I can no longer redirect or distract Genevieve. If she wants something and I take her away from it, she crawls right back to it. She laughs when I tell her "no." Cecile is really enunciating her "L's". She also insists on dressing herself ("No! I can do it!"), which can take a small lifetime. For attention, Genevieve bites my shoulder. She's a very distractible nurser. Everything is "ba," with an occasional, perhaps unintentional "ma" every now and again. Her first word is "book," but it sounds more like the "bäk" from "bok choy." My post-postpartum hair is growing back in a halo of wisps, just in time for summer humidity. Cecile has found logic. An example, when I was holding Genevieve: "Mommy, let me vacuum because I have two hands and you do not." Genevieve waves hello--a hail, really--to most everyone. She has a sixth tooth coming in (fourth on top), and still will not sleep through the night with any consistency. The other day she took three steps holding onto a walker. She crawls fast, and climbs up steps. My mother-in-law is helping her work on climbing down said steps ("Turn around to go down!"). Cecile is very into writing "lists"--straight, vertical lines on lined notebook paper. I write lists most mornings, too; but I think Cecile is more inspired by one of her favorite Frog and Toad stories than by me. Genevieve loves to share her food. Cecile has taken to drawing our family portrait on our kitchen chalkboard wall (pictured). Everybody has a circle for their body, and two arms, two legs, and two eyes. And Bogie has a furry tail! It's very sweet, and she's very proud. As am I.

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