Thursday, May 5, 2016

17/52 & 18/52.

Oh, fickle spring! Following a stretch of truly spectacular weather, these last two weeks have been downright soggy. Sure, it's good for the flowers and better for our complexion; but I'm over these overcast skies. To combat the clouds (and the accompanying cabin fever), the girls and I have been running to and from the garden center, picking out perennials and planning our summer vegetable garden. This is my first year doing a "real" garden and I'm really excited about it. For Christmas (or Hanukkah, or some combination) Jon's parents gifted us a raised garden trough, which is a big upgrade from the potted herbs and cherry tomatoes I've done in past summers. With any luck (and a little sunshine, ahem), the garden should yield four types of tomatoes. And zucchinis! And cucumbers! And beautiful little "fairy" eggplants! I am anxious to see what we can sow.

Life lately has been somehow simultaneously busy and not. Jon has been working a lot these last few weeks. It's tough on me (two bedtimes! ugh!), but it is especially tough on Cecile, who will now actually pout and voice that she misses eating dinner "as a whole family, Mommy," which makes my heart both swell and break. So weekends have become rather precious. Not entirely isolationist, but precious nevertheless. And there is a part of me can just feel a coming change in the wind, when our Saturdays will be fixed with soccer and ballet and whatnot. So I'm really trying to really savor these days we can go out and do things as a foursome. "Things": Like this last Sunday, when we literally descended upon Dupont Underground's premiere exhibit, Raise/Raze. The kids loved it. Cecile, with her tongue stuck out and brow furrowed, pieced together a Cecile-sized fort ... Or well, it was really just large square but she's three, come on! And Genevieve ceaselessly squalled "ball! ball!", which echoed and echoed and echoed throughout the once abandoned trolley tunnels. Though we all emerged filthy (whoops), it was great. Especially on a rainy day.

So yes: Days are good. Generally. Sometimes long, but good. Now if only we could tackle those nights. And perhaps sneak in just a little more sunshine. Please?

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