Friday, May 27, 2016


The nineties are back--clogs! flannels around your waist! a new album by Garbage!--but must everything sound like an impending Atlantis Morissette hit? This week, you see, we celebrated Genevieve's birthday and the return of the sun ... and each member of our family took a turn dancing with the flu. Life is but a series of contrasts, it seems: a first birthday with an ear infection and antibiotics; a bloodied trip to the school nurse because of a friend. Or is it that parenting only amplifies those contrasts, because it's no longer you weathering storms, but you witnessing your kids weathering them? It's like contemplating the difference between the experience of sitting next to strangers in a dark theater verses being so absorbed in the movie you are unaware of your surroundings. Your kids are the actors and you're the director. Or are you? Or should you be? No rants (or princesses) this week. Just an observation, or self-reflection. 

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