Wednesday, November 2, 2016

42/52 & 43/52.

Little things are pointing to the passage of time. Sometime in the last two weeks Cecile has stopped saying "leaf-es" and properly says "leaves," for example. And Genevieve now prefers to walk holding my hand, rather than ride on my back or sit on my hip. She'll ask for it, actually, demanding, "walk walk walk" or "down." 

But my children's personalities don't change much, and won't. Case and point: When encountering a group of big kids making some mayhem on a tree swing, Cecile approached the activity like a student. She observed for some time, asked for permission and then for help, and then carefully toed herself off the ledge of the platform, allowing the swing to take her on its path. At her second attempt--with a free-spirited giggle and white-knuckled grip--she asked to be pushed and spun and flung about. I noticed her cautious-then-commanding approach to life early, maybe as young as one. Whereas Genevieve--all of 17 months now--sees a big-kid swing and immediately tries to climb herself up on it. And then once assisted, asks for more more more. She doesn't wander far from me much now, but I can tell she's a brave soul always looking for the next step she can manage on her own. 

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