Saturday, March 18, 2017

7/52 & 8/52 & 9/52 & 10/52.

This little forum of mine has gotten away from me lately. February was warm and March has been cold. During a warm stretch I got over-excited and planted some perennials, only to find them piled with snow and ice a week later. I cut many of our daffodils before the winter storm and enjoyed them indoors, but found the ones I did not snip did manage through the weather and are now reaching their heads upwards again. So it's been a game of getting ahead, of losing ground, of playing catch up, and of learning if I just sat back and did nothing the world would still turn. But of course.

Nobody has adjusted to the daylight savings shift, but it's nice to feel a stronger sunshine on the afternoons the sun does shine. Two weeks ago we all took a turn with the stomach flu and it was about as hideous as you can expect. Then the following week Genevieve fell off the dining room chair and split her lip, earning five stitches. She is fine now and will never remember it. And I forgive myself, as accidents happen. But I'm not sure I will ever forget the blood-soaked images of that morning. A lip can really bleed. I'm so sorry, my littlest girl.

To encourage spring along we have started our vegetable garden indoors under a grow light. Passerby likely think there is something far more nefarious than arugula growing on our windowsill. So be it. Jon and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary, and we installed a tree swing. Not in that order. But: Thirty-six feet of rope! I am probably asking for another accident, but it sure is fun. And so up and down, back and forth we go ...

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