Tuesday, July 10, 2012

she's from boston


Last week, Jon and I started our holiday weekend with a day trip to Boston before heading north to Maine. We spent the day with my friend Alice and her son, Oliver, strolling Newbury Street, ogling clothes we can't afford (or, at 25-weeks pregnant, I can't fit into), and noshing at Sonsie (good crab salad sandwich!). Later, Ali's husband, Matt joined us for a visit in the park near their Cambridge house, where O enjoyed swing time (just a bit more than his mum) and a good soak from the pop-up fountain.

Coffee Oreo and Mint Chip ice cream from J.P. Licks--an old favorite of mine--rounded off our visit, which was far too short. I regret not taking more pictures of this leg of our trip; we were far too busy chatting and catching up and just plain enjoying each others' company. It was so special to get a preview of motherhood with Ali, and to witness the world through an 18-month-old's eyes. And I can hardly believe that our next visit to Beantown will most likely be accompanied by a bean of our very own.