Thursday, August 16, 2012

changing the changing table

Now that we're in the home stretch, a lot of people have started asking, "Do you have the crib set up?" The answer is no. Despite my increasing tendency to waddle, we have yet to slow down this summer. If anything, knowing we'll be marooned all fall has caused us to skip town a lot, leaving us little time be responsible adults and tackle chores such as clearing off the desk in the room that will become the nursery. There could be a hint of denial at play here, too. After all, it's still hard to believe there will be another human living in our house--living here! not just visiting!--in the matter of weeks. That's a lot to wrap one's mind around. But to be fair, another reason we're dragging our feet is that there's a third party involved (or fourth, I guess, if you count the kid): We're waiting on Mr. Ed, our contractor.

I've mentioned before that our soon-to-be nursery is a small, small space. Granted, the space isn't New-York-City-closet small, but it's small enough that we have to be space conscious. Originally, I was going to ask Ed to dismantle the desk altogether so that we may stick the crib into the empty nook. But as I learned when I was putting together our baby registry, babies have a lot of stuff. So much stuff! And this room does not have a closet and, frankly, furniture is bulky. Then it dawned on me: Transform the desk into a dresser and changing table. (Brilliant, Liz. See: You're not all pregnancy brain.) And so began my search for something on which to base the project.
What I found was the "Madison Changing Table System" from Pottery Barn Kids. Drawers and cabinet space? Check. A place to change dirties? Check. Baskets for quick-grab go-tos such as clean diapers, cloths, lotions, and more? Check, check, check, and check. Though our space isn't wide enough to accommodate everything pictured in PBK's "system" (funny name, right?), it will be much deeper, which I think more than makes up for it. Best yet, when the kid no longer needs his or her diapers changed, we're going to throw a hanging bar or two where the changing table is and put up cabinet doors for extra closet space. So the built-in can grow with us well into the toddler years.

Well, I gave Ed the sketches a month ago. Two weeks ago, he said the project would be done in two weeks. When I called him on Monday to check in, he told me two weeks again. So I lied and said I was due in September. (Hey! It's possible!) So there. Maybe by this time next week I can update you dear, dear readers with how it looks and I can finally respond "yes" when someone asks about whether the crib is assembled. Here's hoping ...