Monday, September 10, 2012

donaldson run

To give Bogie some extra TLC before she's no longer "our baby" (and to take our minds off the still-incomplete nursery), we took her on the Donaldson Run Trail in the Potomac Overlook Regional Park this weekend. The hilly path takes you beneath the George Washington Memorial Parkway to a scenic overlook of the Potomac River. But we usually loop left at the split, staying near the namesake creek, which we find to me more remote, less crowded, and quieter.
Keep your eyes open on the main path of the nearly 9-acre park and you may find some friendly faces amongst the trees. The perfect fantasyland for kids, I thought.
Posted rules say we're supposed to keep our dog leashed, yes. Confession: While we keep a 25-foot retractable leash handy for when we cross paths with other hikers, for the most part we let Bogie run free as she's pretty good about staying close. A bunch of scofflaws, we are, I know.
By the way, this top from Lululemon is perfect for pregnancy. It was a birthday gift from Jon's cousin Robin (who is both a fashionista and momma extraordinaire, mind you). Eight months in and the bump remains conservatively concealed, while still allowing enough air to keep me cool and comfortable. A must-have for moms-to-be!
Despite witnessing last week's 90-degree temperatures, we found that autumn is officially upon us. Leaves settled to the ground with every wind gust and we were dodging acorns the entire walk. We're looking forward to doing this walk after the season really changes and we have another member to take along--in a carrier, of course.