Thursday, September 27, 2012

nesting: laundry room edition

credit: Lucketts
The nesting has taken over. And, no, it's not limited to the nursery. I have taken a keen interest in organizing and cleaning and perfecting everything--everything!--in our house. If it is a tangible object, it can be improved, my instincts tell me. Yesterday, for example, for the first time ever, I ironed sheets. Sheets! Well, OK: not sheets, but the comforter that goes on top of the sheets. Which is maybe worse. I mean, it's a comforter; it's made of down and is supposed to be fluffy. What's funny, too, is that about halfway through my mad ironing I realized that it was, indeed, mad. "Why am I ironing this?" I asked Jon. "I have no idea," was all he could muster, even though his raised eyebrows were saying, What has happened to my sane, rational wife? I have no clue, darling.

In any case, my nesting has brought two new things to our laundry room and I thought I'd share. First: a solution for lost socks. While I don't mind laundry, I absolutely hate lost socks. And Jon's socks always go missing. Nevermind that they all look the same, too. Well, I found this iron sign at the online store of my favorite area antiques shops, the Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg, Virginia. Missing a sock? Just clip until it's mate shows up in the next load or two. Wonderful, I say.
Another thing that had been driving me crazy lately was our drippy-drippy laundry detergent. See this icky mess dribbling down the container's sides, pooling on the shelves, and collecting stray lint from the laundry loads? Yuck:
Never fear! Despite detergent companies' inability to devise a no-drip container for their cleaning solutions, I came up with a, errrr, solution solution: Buy one of the many beverage dispensers on sale this time of year and pour your detergent into it. Measure out what you need using the spigot, et voila, you'll have clean laundry without the sticky mess on your shelves. I hope, someday soon, when I've been spit-up on, haven't showered or slept in days, and am starting my eighth load of laundry in 24 hours, that I find as much joy in this "solution solution" as I do now, as a semi-rational, partially-mad person with the wrinkle-free comforter.
For anyone who is interested, I used long-lost gift certificates (rediscovered when organizing our desk!) to purchase the Mason Jar Drink Dispenser from Pottery Barn, and our wallpaper is Laundrette in yellow from Thibaut Designs' Canterbury collection.