Tuesday, March 26, 2013

gray lady links and more.

Cecile has started to entertain herself. When I can resist the urge to simply watch and stare while she paws her toys, rolls and reaches, I read. Now I can recycle our Weekender, weeklies, and monthlies with a clean conscience. Here are some recent articles that have piqued my interest:

Why I'm putting down my iPhone while nursing, and new research about technology and toddlers.

The "having it all" conversation continues, this time coming from the male perspective.

Robert Redford's still got it. (Damn.) 

I'm obsessed

Yes, Jon and I are raising a cashew (Catholic + Jew, get it?), but both of us thought this was just crazy.

A feminist? Check. A stay-at-home-mom? Double-check

My baby has a milk allergy (something we hope she'll outgrow), so naturally this article was a must-read, even though it terrified me.

The MetLife Building turns 50

And, lastly, this article needs no introduction. Perfection.