Friday, April 5, 2013

vero beach.

We spent this last week as a family down in sunny Vero Beach, Florida, where my grandparents "Lolly" and "Poppy" spend their winters. This trip south has been a tradition on my mother's side of the family for three generations now. And after a long winter passing the time indoors, Cecile and I were in dire need of some vitamin D. And vitamin D we did get! We started off in the shade, as Cecile is an October baby and unaccustomed to bright sun and breezes. But by the end of the long weekend we were beach bound and loving every minute.
Cecile really developed an attachment to her "Aunt Lolo"--my sister, Lorraine. There were times Lorraine was the only one who could get Cecile to smile. Though we stayed shaded by the palms most of the time, we lathered Cecile head-to-toe with SPF. I tried to make it fun for Cecile by giving her a  mini massage, something she loved. Our favorite sunscreen for baby was California Baby Super Sensative SPF 30
Look at those white tootsies!
By Saturday, the weather really warmed up and the breezes died down--perfect for trying some time in the pool. Cecile was unsure of the deeper waters at first. (So much bigger than the bathtub!) But after some time, she loved it, splashing her toes, throwing her torso forward to dip her chin in the water.
Excluding bedtime, I'm not one to keep Cecile on any sort of sleep schedule. During the day I put her down for snoozes in her crib when she seems cranky, or she'll fall asleep when we're out running errands in the car. But there were no long car rides in Florida, and we were out and about most of the time. So my mom, or "Nanne," as we've been calling her (her name is Anne ... get it??), took Cecile for some strolls up and down the docks. Success!
At the beach I had to resist the temptation to let Cecile sunbathe. Though it was temperate enough to go sans-coverup, most of the time I wrapped our girl in a blanket and sweater. The breezes were cool, and the sun was bright! Not to mention Cecile most definitely has her father's light complexion. 
The bright sun bothered Cecile more than the sand or winds. She'd rub her hands in front of her eyes and squint. With time she got used to it, and quite liked being outdoors, I think. Get ready, baby girl, because the weather back home is breaking. We'll get you some sunnies, I promise ;)