Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It's springtime in Washington and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Cecile and I ventured across the river this morning to catch them at their peak. It was a spectacular day.
I handed C some blooms that had fallen to the floor. Like everything she gets in her hands, they were thoroughly inspected, first by hand then by mouth. (Don't worry: This time around I got to them before her mouth did.) 
The sun was bright and there were strollers and cameras abound. Cecile took in the sights as I pushed her along the path. She gave TJ and his great memorial a solid stare. 
When I was in high school, I would lie to my parents, tell them ballet rehearsal went late, and drive down here to sit on the steps of the memorial and write in my journal. I fancied myself quite romantic. Fast forward ten years, Jon proposed to me on a park bench along the Tidal Basin. It was June and the blossoms were long gone, so it wasn't so terribly cliche. Coming here is very special to me, and I was so happy to share this visit with Cecile ... and ...
Oh, Cecile. Who do you see? Who's that behind that blue sunshade? Why, it's your buddy Xander! 
I swear, this kid is the coolest little dude. Before I could compliment his gnarly specs, Sam whips out an uber-trendy fedora. Precious, no? Anyway, we walked along the Tidal Basin, dodging tourists and all sorts of media ("Excuse me, care to comment about the blossoms?"). There were ducks to see, pictures to snap, rays of sunshine to feel. It's moments like these that being a stay-at-home mom can feel like being on vacation. 
Ah, yes: A vacation ... until your baby has had had enough. 
We left the crowds at the Tidal Basin and found a nice spot to rest and nurse and hydrate in the shade. There were plenty of blooms, zero tourists, and gentle breezes off the river. Best of all, the babies were happy again. 

And it all ended with a nap. Perfection.