Sunday, May 12, 2013


"Mother"--it's right up there with love and home as one of the most powerful, weighted words in the English language. And of course it is. Mothers, after all, bring care and comfort, they encourage and push us to become our best selves. And no matter what your relationship with your mother, by default you will always be an extension of her. Always.

Mothering, I've found these last seven months, is seriously hard work. Sometimes when I'm nursing Cecile to sleep, I find myself thinking, No way Mom did all this for me. But of course she did. And suddenly the woman you've known all your life becomes a superhero before your eyes. She did all this for me and then repeated it five more times for my siblings. If that's not complete selflessness, I don't know what is.

So on this first Mother's Day of mine, I'd like to especially thank my mom. Nearly 30 years ago she made the choice to give herself entirely to me, and then to my brothers and sister. It was an incredibly courageous decision, and one that I never fully understood or appreciated before becoming a mother myself. So thank you, Mom. 

Before I let you go, dear readers, here are some mothering/parenting-related links I came across this week I thought you'd enjoy. Happy reading, all! And happy Mother's Day to all you mums. xx

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