Monday, May 13, 2013

at the park with juliana.

My friend Katy and her daughter, Juliana, were in town for Mother's Day. We met up in Cabin John Park in Rockville, Md., for a play date, and despite their 14-month age difference, our girls had the greatest time. Cecile was enamored by this older little lady. And why wouldn't she be? Jules is one of the most active, adventurous little girls I've ever met. Everyone needs a friend like that.
Cecile was studying Juliana's every move. Just look how excited she got when Miss Jules would return to our blanket from far-away parts of the park. I've never seen so many smiles :)
Juliana led the way from one end of the park to the other. She dictated the day, running down each winding, shaded path to explore what fun there was to be had. Eventually she led us to the swings--Cecile's favorite. 
^^Cecile wouldn't even take her eyes off Jules on the swing set. Hysterical.^^
Before long, Juliana wanted to take a turn pushing her friend on the swing. She was very gentle, very focused, and Cecile loved the attention from her older gal pal.
Juliana loves a good photobomb :) And I love her squinty-nose smile.
Just try and look at these next two pictures without your heart melting. Juliana wanted a turn on the "big girl" swing, but was too afraid to go alone. Luckily her mom was there to help her along. Precious. 
Off we go again!
Such a wonderful time, Katy and Juliana! Looking forward to seeing you next time. xx
^^A sweet hug good-bye.^^