Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Since becoming parents, Jon and I have been doing a lot of day drinking. No, no, no ... don't call child services. (Not just yet, anyway.) What I mean is, because Cecile's bedtime is a religious 7:30 p.m.--her rules, not ours--we've since subbed the nighttime bar scene for the mid-afternoon barbecue. To ensure we're not out back imbibing alone (all the time, that is), Jon and I lure our friends with promises of good food and even better drink. Today, my friends, I have just that drink.

Next time you're entertaining, make this sangria. The recipe is excellent. It's sweet, it's cold, it's refreshing, and it's boozy ... but not so boozy you get too woozy. (Am I reading too many rhyming children's books lately? It's possible.) This sangria gets its sweetness from Manischewitz (oy vey, aren't I a great shiksha!), and the recipe actually calls for cheaper wine, so it's affordable to boot. Plus, once all the ingredients are combined, you end up with over two gallons of juice--plenty to go around ... and around, and around!
- 4 Liters red wine (we used Yellow Tail Pinot Noir ... don't waste your money on the good stuff)
- 1.5 Liters Manischewitz Wine, Concord Grape flavor
- 750 mL Pomegranate liqueur
- 250 mL brandy
- 1 L soda water
- citrus fruit, cut into slices (I used limes, lemons, and oranges)
- mint, for garnish

This recipe is simple, folks. Simply open every bottle of alcohol and pour together. (I used a large stock pot.) Then slowly pour in the soda water. Add the fruit and refrigerate until chilled. This much can be done the night before your party. When you're ready to serve, make like a Pinterest pro and pour over ice in a mason jar with a striped paper straw. Stick in a sprig of mint and cheers!
 ^^Me, after one jar o' juice. On the floor. Loving my dog. Loving life.^^
Salut! :)