Saturday, October 26, 2013

virginia vines.

When you have kids, no day is perfect. I'm not saying there aren't great rewards that come with parenthood. It's just that parenthood is far from easy and there's always something--a missed nap, a bad diaper, or too many errands with a child that has too short an attention span--that can throw you for a loop and leave you, well, loopy. That's why when dealing with a pint-sized person, a good glass of wine can be an invaluable tool. It's easier to wear rose-colored glasses when you're sipping on a glass of rosé, in other words. 

All this said, the other week I had a day that came pretty damned close to perfect. Yes, there was wine involved and, yes, the weather gods granted us a beautiful October day. But the day really got its greatness from the company: My dear friend Resalin was in town with her 17-month-old daughter, Sylvia, to visit Melanie, another dear friend of mine, and for Cecile's first birthday. Close friends, beautiful weather, and wine. Yes, perfection. 
We started our mini wine tour at The Winery at LaGrange in Haymarket, Virginia. Tastings were around back where there were plenty of picnic tables to set up shop and let the kids cruise ... or in Sylvia's case, run. That girl just loved being chased and caught by her Aunt Mel. She also must've missed her daddy, because she made fast friends with some older gentleman sidled up to the tasting bar. (Trouble!) It wasn't long before Cecile and Sylvia were sharing snacks, juice cups, books, and even kisses :)
Now that Cecile is over one year, I know we will soon be entering the toddler days, which are rife with mood swings and tantrums. Tell you what, Cecile: Throw as many tantrums as your heart desires, so long as you do them Sylvia-style. When Res's little gets upset, she gets down on the floor and lies still and silent. There was no thrashing, no screaming ... just a silent protest. Watch and learn, Cecile.
There was plenty of open space for the kids to romp around at LaGrange, and another family was even willing to share some toys. (Wine makes everyone friends.) If you're able to visit before autumn's end, be sure to grab a glass of their mulled wine. It was delicious. 
Our next stop was Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn in Delaplane. What a cool place. All of us babies and ladies sidled up to the inside bar for a quick wine tasting, which Aspen Dale pairs with cheeses, meats, and chocolates. The staff was so friendly with our baby girls, giving them old menus to draw on and even inviting a little barn kitten to come play.
Outside offered a nice change of scenery for Cecile and Sylvia. There was a huge field to roll around in (while mommies and aunties sipped some more wine--yes please!), as well as miniature horses to visit.
^^Cecile is so adventurous these days. I blink, and she's left my side.^^
Thank you for a lovely, lovely day, girls. It was one of the best. Please visit again soon, Res! xx.