Wednesday, October 9, 2013


^^I feel ya, Bogie ...^^^
Hello! It's already October? There were times this summer--between the trips and the teething and the not sleeping and the planning for our new old house--when it felt like Summer 2013 could be the longest summer ever. But then again, in hindsight everything feels like a blur. Last week I walked outside and I would have sworn up and down to you it was still July. Of course, last week it was also 90 degrees (wha??), but that's besides the point. The point is, things are moving along pretty fast with our little family. We've got an architect and the county recently approved our plans to pop the top off the house (!). We're working like crazy on finding a rental (can we live with you?? ;)) and nailing down a contractor. Heck, if all goes well we could be out of this place as early as November with the roof ripped off before Christmas. (How's that for easy access, Santa?) It's a lot to wrap one's head around. 

But the thing I'm having the hardest time wrapping my head around isn't the house, isn't the rental, isn't the fact that I've been saying I'm going to start freelancing again for six months now ... or that I may soon resort to hosting bake sales and car washes to help pay for our dang renovation. (Evidently I have excellent taste in tile, people.) It's that next week my baby girl will be one. Yep: Next week is Cecile's first birthday. I can't believe it. One year ago she was just a little squish, and now, well she's become such a little person. A little person with preferences and opinions. A little person who bounces to a beat, loves books and bath time, and can never, ever seem to get enough raspberry yogurt. A little person who crawls, stands, cruises, and no doubt will soon be walking. A little person who says "duck," and "this," and "Dada," and "Mama"--a word that makes my heart ache each and every time she says it. There are times I catch myself watching her and think, "Where on earth did you come from, child?" 

Of course I know where she came from. But I swear every day Cecile is a new person. At the beginning of every new day, there is a little bit more of her that has become part of the person she is meant to be. And as much as I enjoy watching her discover who she is, I'm blown away and a bit saddened by how fast it is going. Everybody tells you enjoy it, it goes fast. But you never believe it. 

So wish me luck over this next week or so because there is a lot to do and digest. This weekend there are dear, dear friends of ours coming into town and we're throwing a little party for Cecile on Sunday. It will likely be the last party in our house as we know it. There is so, so much to celebrate and I am feeling overwhelmed and terrifically grateful.
^^Giving Bogie "a love" :)^^