Saturday, November 30, 2013

turkey, turkey, and photobombs galore.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family this year. My parents hosted my father's side of the clan and then some. There were more than 60 people, four bone-in turkey breasts, one 25-pound turkey, and close to zero leftovers. It was one for the record books, folks. Here is a little photo journal of our day-long fete and feast. 
^^Cecile and Nanne, who always seems to have a holiday-themed toy up her sleeve. (This time is was a wooden peg Thanksgiving set by Goose Grease.)^^
^^My brothers Martin (injecting one of the birds), Kevin, and Brendan.^^
^^Cecile had a little stranger anxiety when getting used to her out-of-town uncles. We got over it right quick, though. Good thing!^^
^^Our dog and her half sister, Kate, running and running and running ... ^^
^^Jon's two birds, pre-prepped with an apple-cider brine (done by yours truly, thank you), crisping on the smoker.^^
^^We are all about the daddy these days.^^
^^I have a very creative mother, and an even goofier father ;) ;) ^^
^^Brendan adds the finishing touches to his sweet potatoes (the best!). Can you tell he went to Cornell's hotel school??
^^Mmmmm. We got all our turkeys from The Organic Butcher, in case any of you locals were curious.^^
^^PJ and his "Movember" mustache. "So you can shave Monday, right??," my mom asked more than once.^^
^^The obligatory family photo.^^
^^Slaving in the kitchen.^^
^^Natalie! One of Cecile's favorite people on the planet.^^
^^Love the mommy love.^^
^^Jon's perfectly perfect birds.^^
^^Another snap, another photobomb.^^
^^C with one of her GGs. (We are so very lucky.)^^
^^I had just sampled a taste of one of Jon's smoked turkeys. It was true love.^^
^^Some of the spread.^^
^^My parents :) ^^
^^Some like turkey. Others, like Daddy Mac, like straight-up bunny.^^
^^Digging in!^^

What a great Thanksgiving it was. There's nothing quite so rewarding as a day spent in the kitchen working as a family followed by an evening spent enjoying the fruits of collective labor. As Jon and I cultivate a little family of our own, I realize more and more how rare those moments are. It was really special and I feel so very grateful. 
^^PJ on dish duty :) :) Bravo!^^

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! xx xx