Wednesday, July 16, 2014

a little fun on the water.

Until this past weekend, it had been a long time since I spent some substantial time in Georgetown. And that's funny, too, because when I moved back to area six years ago (um, whoa), I swore up and down I'd find a way to live on one of Georgetown's colorful rowhouses. The closest I got was taking the Circulator down M Street on my way from my Rosslyn apartment to work ... a journalist's salary for ya. In any case, this past weekend Jon, Cecile, and I rumbled down Georgetown's brick streets to meet up with Jon's sister and brother at the waterfront. It was hot, but it was lovely.
Georgetown is just classic. I never tire of the industrial architecture or the sounds of the water rushing through the canal locks. And no matter the season, I'm always in awe of the neighborhood's street-light flowers. They are always so lush--even in the thick of a D.C. July heat wave, which we were in the middle of this last week. Sticky!
On our walk down to the waterfront, we took a little detour into Baked & Wired, my favorite, favorite coffee shop in the District. Once inside, Cecile immediately made eyes with one of their infamous donut muffins. But no sooner did she take a bite, she wanted her hands cleaned of the sugar. Girlfriend hates getting dirty these days ... even if it's with a little sugar. Never fear: Jon and I had no trouble finishing the forfeited muffin ;) ;) 
Look! Nini and Danny :) :) We all enjoyed a little brunch with Nini and her friends from her group home. Before long Cecile was busy meeting all the dogs and ducks along the boardwalk. Oh, and she insisted on holding onto our coffee beans. Every now and again she'd put her nose to the bag, take a big sniff and say, "mmmmm." The apple doesn't fall far, friends.
 ^^A really BIG dog!^^
Jon and Cecile have become such buddies. When we're all out together, she prefers her daddy to pick her up. She's even gone so far as to tell me, "Mama, no! Dadda, up!" Granted, she hangs with me all the time, so time with her dad is special. But I still think Freud was onto something. 
After a little nosh, Danny and Nini boarded a boat for a little tour of the Potomac, and we bid them adieu and made our way to the water park. The day was hot and we were all ready to cool down. 
The Georgetown Waterfront Park amazes me. When I was in high school the whole block was a burned-out, gravel parking lot and weedy field, and now the area is well maintained and has a ton of picnic space, benches, and scenic overlooks. It's a nice spot, and very popular.
If there is one thing I can say about my daughter, it's that she's cautious. Oh, she's one heck of an independent chick, but whenever she's presented with new people or a new scene, she needs a moment before diving in. The Georgetown sprayground was no exception. She spent time on the edge of the water, looking at the water licking her toes and observing the other kids running in and out of the waterfalls. Then after a few steps, stomps, and splashes, she was off!
 ^^"Mama, on!" she ordered, hauling my shoes into the water. Her staccato sentences are so bossy, oy.^^
C loved this day. And I liked revisiting Georgetown. It was nice to spend a carefree day outside and away from the piles of boxes I have yet to unpack. And as an added bonus, Cecile fell asleep in the stroller, allowing for Jon and I to slip into a glass or two of rose. A huge success ;)

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