Thursday, December 18, 2014

a tree for c.

Cecile has her own tree. And she is so, so very proud of it. "I made that!" she tells anyone willing to listen. See, last year when our house was undergoing some, ahem, minor changes, I was in a bit of a bah-humbug state and said I wasn't going to bother with a Christmas tree. We had just packed up the entire house, after all, and I couldn't have told you where our decorations were hiding in the morass of boxes in the basement even if I wanted to. But then one day while out on a routine grocery shop the spirit of the season got the better of me and I ended up coming home with a pint-sized tree. And then Cecile and I decorated it. And I'm happy we went through the trouble, because at the time our little rental really needed some holiday cheer.
Fast-forward one year later to earlier this month. I was unpacking the last of the boxes from our move (!) and came across what remained of last year's Christmas tree. Why not re-create it for C, I thought? After all, I had plenty of non-breakable ornaments from over the years I was willing to hand off to our toddler. What better way to give her ownership over the season? Well, it was a swell idea, if I may say so myself. Really, one of my all-time best ideas, because she just loves that tree. More than once the playroom has gotten *too* quiet and I make my way to the door to take a look, expecting trouble ... but instead I find Cecile re-trimming her little Christmas masterpiece. "I decorating," she'll tell me. "It's my tree!" Honestly, I'm debating keeping the tree in the playroom until every last needle falls off. Seriously don't judge me if you come over and it's still there in March. 
^^Bonus: Last year I found the cutest little nativity on Etsy. Perfect, right?^^

So there you have it. Looks like we're heretofore committed to getting an extra tree for the small person(s) in our life. There's nothing better than the unexpected traditions that come from growing your own little family, I think :) :) :) With that, happy holidays from our little playroom. 

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