Thursday, January 14, 2016


Another week, another round of photographs. I'm surprised by how hard it can be to select just one picture. These days are full. 

Every morning Genevieve and I walk Cecile to school. I snapped this photo this morning, just before our three-block march. Cecile loves her stroller kickboard, which we purchased just before her birthday. My onetime cautious girl has become a bit of a thrill seeker as of late. At the downslope of each hill she says, "Run, mommy!" She laughs with the wind in her face.

Genevieve has mastered sitting on her own. This stage--sitting independently, but not yet crawling--is so tremendously good. I remember it well with Cecile. I also remember it doesn't last long, so I'm working hard every day to honor and appreciate these moments before she seeks to explore the world beyond her immediate grasp. 

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