Friday, January 22, 2016


Snow is falling as I write. The forecast says there will be more than two feet on the ground by the time the skies clear in two days. We are ready and I am excited. Jon and I were laughing that the last time D.C. had this much snow we were just dating and our only worry was whether or not the bars within walking distance would still be open. My, how things have changed. 

Witnessing the expansion of Cecile's imagination is a true joy. The other day we were out for a sushi lunch when she announced from across the table, "Mommy, I have to hop on a call." Then she pulled out her cell phone (a silicone teething toy crammed into an old case of mine) and put it to her ear. She continued dipping her salmon rolls in sauce and eating, all while checking in on a rag doll she had left back at home. The doll was sleeping, she said, and Stinky Bunny (her lovie) was watching over her in her pink house down in Florida where it was sunny. 

Genevieve has mastered the roll: tummy to back and back to tummy. She is so, so proud of herself, and is able to maneuver herself across the room. She's also trying to transition from sitting up to her hands and knees. Right now it's mostly an intentional fall forward followed by a face splat. She'll fuss a bit, but recovers quickly. And it doesn't stop her from trying again the next time. 

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