Monday, February 1, 2016


Last weekend Washington was walloped with 17.8 inches of snow. It was a historic event that not only counted as Genevieve's first real snowfall (how's that as an introduction to winter?), but also got Cecile out of school for one week. 

Once the winds died down and the sun came out, Cecile really loved the snow. Our neighbor cut a path along the sidewalk with his snowblower (lucky us), and Cecile navigated the neighborhood like a rabbit in a warren. She especially enjoyed letting herself fall backwards into the snow drifts. But getting snow in her mitten was a different story. 

Genevieve is so engaging. Gone are the days I can set her down and turn my back for a minute. She won't let me! Really: The girlfriend can't yet speak, but she'll let out a full-body yell to get your attention. Dear me. 

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