Friday, September 16, 2016

36/52 & 37/52.

I'm playing a lot of catch-up lately. Laundry, organizing, chores, daily meals, writing, daytime activities ... you name it, I'm always only halfway done and running late. Every day, it seems, I write the very same to-do list, and by nightfall not much has gotten crossed off. My mind is elsewhere. 

Perhaps that's why I am amazed by Cecile's attention span these days. It's gotten so great! Really! We went to Wintergreen over Labor Day weekend and there was nary a peep from her over the three-hour car ride. She busied herself with fairy lacing cards and a sticker book, and we all listened to the Tales of Mindy Mousekins. Sometimes I'll look over at her and catch her staring off in thought. There is so much going on in that curly-capped mind of hers.

Genevieve is on the move move move. Rarely will she fall asleep on me anymore, as she is busy busy with the world around her. She took a nap on my back on a hike in Wintergreen, and I wanted to march forever. It was wonderful. She's really developing a sense of humor, too. And her sister eggs her on, often encouraging behavior I'm not too terribly keen on. (Please keep the food out of your hair, darling.) Oh well. Also of note: they way she answers "yes" and "no" with a full body nod or shake. It's hysterical. Sometimes I will ask her the same yes-or-no question over and over just to watch her response. Such a joy to communicate with her.

The girls will finally both be in school next week (yes! finally!), so I hope to be able to snap out of whatever mood I'm in. It's terrible to wish away time, but I'm looking forward to having a little bit of it back to myself. 

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