Friday, September 23, 2016


It is back to school for the girls. Finally! Genevieve started her once-a-week Parents' Day Out last Thursday, and today was Cecile's first official day as a Montessori student. Neither girlfriend had any trouble launching, and for that I'm grateful as I'm not sure my heartstrings could handle any more emotion. Nothing like the start of school to make you realize again that your fundamental role as a parent--beyond feeding, clothing, sheltering, guiding--is to deliver a functional, independent person out into the world. To get out of the way, in other words! 

Anyway, Jon and I took the requisite back-to-school pictures on the front stoop (nobody wanted to smile with mama, of course) before making the march around the block to school. At the door, Cecile waved to her sister, found her locker right away, and marched into the classroom, smiling ear-to-ear. Genevieve and I spent our first Cecile-free morning since June at the park. Then a quick errand before nap. The house is so very quiet, and at first I had trouble organizing my thoughts around doing anything at all. What to do? Ignore the laundry, ignore the dishes, and ignore all the half-completed projects that have overwhelmed me for weeks. I made myself a proper lunch and then I ate it in silence, sitting down. 

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