Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Hooray for school! Bless all teachers! I cannot begin to describe how great it is to have Cecile back in a classroom. Do I miss her? Of course I do. But now the hours she spends with us are much better hours. Where I see the most difference is the time she spends with her sister. She's more caring, more likely to share. She's patient. It's not all perfect all the time, no; but I am witnessing more tolerance from her than she displayed over the summer weeks. Thank goodness. 

And then there's G. Two things I forgot about this phase: the budding vocabulary and the mommy clinginess. In short, it's great fun and I love being able to interact with her on a deeper level, but it's constant. But: her words! I love her words! She says 'hi' to most everyone we pass and 'thank you' at the appropriate times--both of which make strangers swoon, which in turn makes me swoon. There's 'more,' 'eat,' 'hot,' 'hat,' 'dog,' 'mama,' 'dada,' 'baby,' 'night night,' 'bee,' 'bird,' 'bye bye,' among others. She's a joy. 

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