Wednesday, November 23, 2016

46/52 & 47/52.

A life of contemplative contrasts. To pull up the covers or to start a revolution? I have been completely exhausted lately, but with an extremely heightened sense of motivation. It's strange. The other day for no reason at all I ignored everything I needed to tend to, including my daughter, and screw by screw, wall by wall, I took apart my mother's dollhouse and then repapered the entire interior. A needless task, but one I was compelled to do. With urgency. Maybe I was trying not to look at the news for a few hours. I'm sick of the cotton-candy combover. 

We are a tribal species, aren't we? Assigning ourselves to groups, believing in gods, keeping rituals, comparing and competing with others. I see it in the girls. Genevieve wants to do everything her sister does. She wants her approval, wants to keep up. Cecile does a somersault; Genevieve fearlessly teaches herself to somersault. Cecile runs down a hill and picks up a leaf, Genevieve does too. And Cecile loves it when there's a matching or coordinating outfit for her and her sister. They are their own little tribe, much of the time. Come what may, they have each other for all of life's somersaults, the hills and valleys. And for that, I am thankful. 

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