Tuesday, December 6, 2016

48/52 & 49/52.

This morning was the first time Genevieve refused one of her regular nurses. I had just returned from a sunrise yoga class and she had already eaten yogurt for breakfast, so she wasn't hungry. My heart sank a little. The morning nurse--done in quiet, in pajamas, lying down in bed--has long been my favorite. I do not think this is a sign she wants to wean (she nursed before nap time just now), but it is a sign nursing is more for her emotional than nutritional nourishment. She's growing up.

Cecile seems older by the day, too. Following Breakfast with Santa, I found her deep in thought. When I asked her what she was thinking, she replied, "If Santa laughs like 'ho ho ho,' what does Mrs. Claus laugh like?" Good question. I took her to the Nutcracker this weekend, and she is such a lovely companion during our one-on-one time. After the holidays I really need to make a better effort to set aside some 'mama-and-C' time. I can tell she really craves it.

It is December and the day's light thickens to dusk so early. The first hard frost is forecasted for this weekend. Our holiday decorations are up and there's warmth within. I am ready for this season of love and light.

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