Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a collage

Often, when we tell people we're not finding out the gender of the baby, the first question asked is, "But what color are you going to paint the nursery?" We're not repainting, is the answer. When we moved in to our house two years ago and I was selecting paint colors for the study, I was drawn towards deep, saturated browns. The room is small (roughly 7' x 10') and I thought having a darker wall color could trick the eye into making the space appear bigger. I selected Benjamin Moore's Mississippi Mud in a semi-gloss for the walls and some high-gloss paint in Super White for the trim.

The color transformed the room into a cozy nook that encouraged reading, writing, and just plain day dreaming. Well spare me the traditional powder blues and rosy pinks, I thought. If the colors can soothe me on a deadline, they'll be sure to soothe a tiny tot after midnight. So I rounded up a few prints and a clever sign from Etsy, one wallpaper sample from Ferm Living (Jon said, no, I could not paper an accent wall), made a trip to Target for some frames, and hit the hardware store for a can of white spray paint. After I coated all the frames the same color, it was time to hang them. Here is how the collage turned out:

Pretty fun, right? I love the dark-light contrast, the bright colors, the semi-snarky humor. And I'll stick pictures in the two empty frames once you-know-who enters the scene. I promise to have a post dedicated to the completed room when, well, it's completed.