Monday, June 17, 2013

amen street.

Every vacation needs a rainy day. It gives an excuse to get off the beach, get out of the house, and go eat in your closest downtown. For us, last week that downtown was Charleston. Lucky, lucky us. Hungry for brunch and seeking shelter from looming thundershowers, we found ourselves at Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar, located at the corner of East Bay and Cumberland streets, a short stroll east of Meeting Street.
The restaurant gets its name from the former name of the street on which it stands. According to tradition, their website says, the name Amen Street was given because "amens" were often heard from two nearby churches--St. Philip's and the Methodist Meeting House. There's nothing like a good story behind a good name, right? I just love it.
Also to love: the restaurant's decor. It was easy to feel as though we had slipped into the Big Easy, with painting of musicians adorning every bit of brick wall, and the chandeliers made of oyster shells were something else. Way cool.
^^We noshed on oysters (what else?) while Cecile helped herself to the crackers.^^
The best part about dining with grandparents is they're always willing--if not itchy--to take your fussy baby while you eat with two hands. Parenthood teaches you to appreciate the simple things, doesn't it? :) Oh, and  I should mention: The food at Amen Street was amazing. After a polishing off a dozen on the half shell, I had one of the best salmon salads in ages. It was cooked to just pink and very lightly dressed. And that's not the oyster stout talking. (Though that was pretty great, too.)
Don't you just love Charleston? I don't know if its the cobblestone sidewalks, the historic architecture, or the air thick with sea, but every street there makes me want to grab my sweetheart's hand and go for a stroll ... even in the rain. It's just so darned charming.
(In Charleston and still hungry? There's nothing like the burger at Husk!)