Tuesday, July 9, 2013

double trouble.

A little over a year ago, just after I started this blog, my friend Katy, her husband, and their daughter, Juliana came to visit for the member-guest tournament at Washington Golf Country Club. I was pregnant then, and I remember her saying to me, "One year from now you're going to have a crawling baby, and you'll be running around after one of these," nodding to Juliana, who was making her way around the baby pool with a bear crawl. And at the time, Katy's words were unbelievable to me. After all, we didn't yet know Cecile. Heck, we didn't even know Cecile would be a Cecile instead of a Conor or William or Thomas or whatever other boy's name we had cooking at the time. But what do you know: That year has passed and when Katy, Pete, and Juliana joined us for the member-guest again this year, Katy's prediction came true--Cecile started crawling.
And of course Cecile chose this weekend to launch into a crawl. Juliana is now nearly two and is running--sprinting!--as fast as her little legs can scamper. It was up to Cecile to keep up.

All weekend the girls worked hard on sharing and being courteous of one another. Well, that's what Katy and I were trying for anyway. It's challenging! These girls kept us busy, and I realized that no mater how exhausted I am after a day with Cecile, my life right now is luxurious compared to what it will be like when we add another kid to the mix. (Don't worry! One kid in diapers at a time is my rule.)

^^Who's that coming up 16? Daddy!^^
^^She always goes straight for the hat.^^
^^C doesn't want to be held long these days. She prefers to be on the floor and on the go.^^
My mother-in-law had some good advice about when the "right timing" was for siblings. "Whenever you have your second child will be the right time to have your second child," she said. Very sweet words, I thought. And true, too. Don't you think?

However, if there's one thing I learned from this visit, when we do have a second child, I can say goodbye to productive photo shoots. I tried and tried and tried all weekend to get a good snap of our two girls--in their matching outfits no less!--and the best I could get was a quick kiss stolen on the rocking chairs ... just moments before a double meltdown, naturally ;)
Getting a good shot of Juliana, on the other hand, proved to be no trouble at all! What a sass.

Thanks again for a fantastic time, K, P, & J! Can't wait to see you next time you're in town xx