Friday, October 17, 2014

a birthday girl.

Cecile turned two this week. I can't believe it. Last year, when she turned one, Jon and I found ourselves high-fiving, congratulating each other that all three of us lasted the year. That first year as new parents seemed to be all about blindly navigating the unknown ... survival, if you will. But this year, at mile-marker two, we have ourselves a full-blown toddler--a walking, talking little person with opinions and preferences and a personality and (in my humble, totally biased opinion) a terrific sense of humor. And I'm so, so happy with how Cecile has grown and truly love this stage in the game. I want to hit 'pause' every day. Because now I see my baby is no more. On the morning of Cecile's birthday, for example, I found myself teary-eyed while talking to my mom on the phone. I was blubbering in disbelief that this last year went by so fast. Cecile sees me upset and says, "No cry. Mama make-up runs," and reaches up to touch my cheek. Of course, this only made me flat-out sob

Oh, I love this girl so much it hurts. So happy, happy birthday to my girl with the most infectious smile. If you'd just let me, Cecile, I could kiss you ten billion times every day ;) ;) xx.

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