Thursday, July 31, 2014

house tour: cecile's suite.

It feels silly to blog about Cecile's room. Sure, there is some art on the walls and there is a solid green-and-pink color scheme emerging. But the space is far from complete. My 21-month-old is still in a crib (bless her), but we'll likely transition her soon ... which means we'll have to graduate her to a toddler or "big-girl" bed and, yet again, rearrange the space. Needless to say I've been a little gun-shy about putting too many holes in the walls. I also feel a little silly blogging about her space because most everything in her room you've seen before. Our darling girl got quite a few fancy hand-me-downs. 
For starters, you'll likely remember her bedside (crib-side?) table from our old master bedroom. Yes, it's the one I went dumpster-diving for :) And her area rug? Oh, that's from our old master bedroom, too. After we moved and before we popped the top, I asked Park Carpet to come over and cut out the two bedroom rugs they had just installed three years prior. The rugs were a nice wool and remained in good shape, and it felt like such a waste to have them rolled up and junked. Not to mention a new rug of the same size and quality would have run us wayyyyyy more. As for the cowshide rug at the base of her crib, you'll spot that from her old nursery. Oh, and the walls are painted "Linen White," which was the wall color of our old master bedroom, too. 
Then there's the sette. I scored the couch (as well as a pretty amazing homemade brownie recipe ... another time, promise) at my one-time book club. It was old and white but, boy, was it comfortable. When it's owner offered it up for free, I gladly took it off her hands and recovered it with a rather lovely fabric I had had my eye on for a long, long time. For three years it, too, lived in our master bedroom, where I found it to be the very best place in our house to sit and nurse Cecile. So in a way, one could argue that the couch was Cecile's all along. Now it's our go-to spot for reading bedtime books and a fine seat for all her Blabla dolls
The rest of the room is also a mix of new-old things. The bunny lamp you see above was actually in my nursery, and the table it sits on once lived in our living room. I scored her chandelier on Chairish. As the description read, it was salvaged from an old house in Hollywood. The ceiling medallion is from Anthropologie, believe it or not, and the two go together quite well, if I may say so myself. Cecile's dollhouse was mine; and before it was mine, it was my mother's. She got it from FAO Schwartz from my great-grandparents. It needs a little TLC, but I can only handle one home renovation at a time ;) ;) I did, however, just finish painting it's custom base in three coats of Annie Sloan's "pure white" and added new knobs ... also from Anthro.
A little digression: When Cecile wakes up, she has a very set order of things she likes done. First, we are asked to open the shutters and turn on her bunny lamp. Then she likes to be taken out of her crib and then she turns off her sound machine herself, rising up on her tiptoes to do so. She then tells us (orders us?) to turn off her night light by saying, "Turn off. Hot." Without fail, this happens every time. 

Now, onto the bathroom ...
I chose a simple, white basketweave for the tile and the walls are painted "Lemon Sorbet." We reused the vanity, the mirrors, and the light fixtures from our old master bathroom. Again, when we were drawing up the plans, it felt like such a waste to give up such perfectly good, beautiful stuff, and I am so, so happy we were able to make it work in this new space. The shower curtain, hamper, and bathmats are Serena & Lily (my absolute favorite ... and they are just killing it as of late over there), and I customized the dip-dye ladder on Etsy
Cecile's Suite, as we've dubbed it, sure has a lot of space for such a little person. Not to appear too crazy and space-greedy, but we designed this space with a second house expansion in mind. Trust me: It will be a long, long, long, long, long, long time before Jon and I can stomach--let alone afford--another addition. But we figured if this really is our forever house, then we'd like just one more bedroom upstairs and a little more living space downstairs. That said, when (or if) we expand again, we would expand off the back of the house and this bathroom would become a Jack-and-Jill design. That half-window you see? Behind those walls it's already framed out to become the door to a fourth bedroom. Too much crazy forethought for you? No worries. After all, as I said, it's gonna be quite some time before that space is even needed, if you catch my drift. Especially if Jon keeps making such tasty adult drinks ;) ;) 

So tah-dah. Cecile loves her space, and we're quite pleased, too ;) That's all for now! More to come, promise. 

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  1. So glad I got to see it since she was napping when we came over!! Now post pics of your to die for master bathroom!! ;-)